Callinectes Boatworks

Specializing in the design and construction of classic styled mahogany runabouts and yacht tenders using modern technology and materials to minimize maintenance and to maximize your enjoyment on the water.

The Joy of Owning

The allure of varnished mahogany, the durability of a fiberglass hull, a fuel-efficient and low-emissions engine coupled to a jet-pump, and room for the entire family reflect our operating principles: beauty, ease of ownership, environmental stewardship, safety, and family fun.

Superb Craftsmanship

Our runabouts and tenders are what you would expect of a Maine built boat: superb craftsmanship, exquisite details, and built to International and ABYC standards. Call today to discover how a Callinectes built boat can enhance your boating pleasure.


In addition to designing and building new classic runabouts, Callinectes Boatworks also is happy to Restore your current classic wooden boat.

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